Letters to the Editor

Fred W. Burt: Soldiers unarmed on bases

In the Oct. 16 letter “ More guns not safer,” the writer contended that more concealed-carry guns will not make us safer and used “mass casualties” at military bases to prove his point. He insinuated that service members on bases are all carrying firearms and could stop a mass shooting. Obviously, the writer has never been on a military base and made a grossly incorrect statement.

As a retired military member, I know that service members are not allowed to carry or possess concealed firearms on base. Signs to this effect are prominently posted at all entrances to the base.

Soldiers do not even carry their issued military firearms around post. They are kept locked up in arms rooms unless issued for range firing or tactical exercises and are strictly supervised. They do not carry weapons on their person as is seen on TV news reports from combat zones. Thus, they are unarmed and in a “gun-free” zone.

LTC Fred W. Burt (ret.)