Letters to the Editor

Lawrence Evans: Don’t flaunt guns

The Oct. 11 Point of View “ Gun-carriers a resource, not a hazard” contended that we should be grateful to those who carry guns wherever they go because they potentially protect us even while potentially endangering us.

I’m not going to get into the right (unique in the world) of these people to carry around their favorite toys. I’m only going to point out that flaunting these toys in places where people have a right not to be startled is in extremely bad taste. It’s on par with the young guys who parade around with pants about to fall off, showing several inches of their underpants (or worse) when they bend over. Except that the sagging pants can’t hurt anyone.

Sure, the chances are small that a swaggering jerk displaying his piece will ever use it in public, for good or evil. But it still offends anyone who thinks openly carried guns belong only on the hips of people hired to wear them. Give us a break and let them enjoy their toys in their own place.

Lawrence Evans