Letters to the Editor

Shelly Wenzel: Ebola cartoon lacked compassion for victims

I found the Oct. 16 editorial cartoon about the Ebola virus to be in very poor taste as well as offensive. Innocent lives have been lost due to this very contagious and deadly disease.

Instead of making jokes about the horrible events this illness has created, we should be praying for the families of those who have lost their lives, both here in North America as well as in the continent of Africa. The suffering is unspeakable.

I can only hope that more aid will find its way to Africa so that this disease can be defeated. This is a humanitarian opportunity for every other continent, especially North America, to reach out and provide every conceivable kind of assistance that may slow the spread of the disease as well as help find a cure.

Please be more compassionate toward sensitive global issues such as this.

Shelly Wenzel