Letters to the Editor

Philip N. Henry: Survival mode for young black men when encountering police

Ned Barnett’s Oct. 12 column “ Time for a new look at policing” shines a light on a deadly problem. While video technology helps to highlight police conduct and misconduct, it does nothing for victims who in many instances end up dead.

Young black men and others of color must recognize their vulnerabilities and perceptions among law enforcement that they are seen as criminals or potential criminals. Even if innocent of any criminal activity, they need to adopt a survival mode including hands open and out from the body, eye contact with the police officer with no jerking, sudden moving or running. Doing otherwise has proven to be detrimental.

Surviving the encounter first and then allowing evidence, lawyers and justice to follow is the best course. Raging tempers lead to excuses for harsh tactics and often death.

It is obvious that police training and tactics, in some instances, are not up to par. We don’t need more victims while law enforcement works to get it right.

Philip N. Henry