Letters to the Editor

Ken Branch: Gay people invisible no longer

After reading the Oct. 11 letter “ A state decision,” I read it again and a third time. Where was the punchline? To label gay marriages an “oxymoron”? Was this the part designed to make me laugh? Or to imply that homosexuals do not believe in the sacredness of marriage? That we do not respect the institution as inviolable? Was I to crack up at this suggestion?

There was the sentence about gay marriage destroying modern civilization and returning us to ancient lives free of moral standards and principles. Still I was not chuckling.

I then realized there would be no punchline, nothing hidden among his words to make me laugh. I feel compassion for the writer just as I do for anyone who cannot find love and acceptance for other human beings. They fight a great battle.

Of course, my gay sisters and brothers promote faith, family and freedom in our state, and we will not withdraw from our march toward full, equal treatment. This week’s advances are empowering. We refuse to step back into the darkness. Those who do not love us, those who do not accept us, will not make us invisible again.

Ken Branch