Letters to the Editor

Dave Campbell: Catholic-bashing cartoon

The Oct. 15 Editorial page cartoon took another shot at the Catholic Church.

The teachings of the Catholic Church on same-sex attraction, contraception, divorce, abortion, premarital sex, etc., are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and his father, God. They are truths, not culturally driven “feelings,” and are the road map to heaven and eternal life in the presence of God’s love. Jesus said, “If you love me, obey my commandments” (John 14:15). This is more than the Ten Commandments. It includes loving God, loving our neighbor for the love of him, forgiveness.

We cannot stand silent due to political correctness or fear of being called intolerant. The church teaches us to hate the sin not the sinner and that love of neighbor leads us to tell them of this path to eternal life. Even when we are ignored or persecuted, we are not to hate but to pray for a change of heart.

Your secular agenda is all too obvious.

Dave Campbell