Letters to the Editor

Terry Duff: All God’s children

Regarding the Oct. 14 news article “ Catholic bishops shift tone on gays”: As a traditional Catholic, I am very concerned. In the United States, we divide people into categories: us vs. them, African-Americans, homosexual, poor, politically, on and on. God doesn’t do this. We are all one – his children.

There is no place for division in the Catholic Church. Pope Francis, previously, reminded Catholics that we are all flawed, and we are not to judge. We should provide everyone with “precious” support and recognize the “positive” aspects of every situation. These responses are not meant only for remarried divorcees or homosexuals.

Still we do not waiver on what is sinful. Catholics can love and support everyone and still maintain our values without categorizing people. This is, of course, a two-way street, and no one should categorize themselves to God or any person. So what was the bishop’s point?

Terry Duff