Letters to the Editor

Canon E.T. Malone Jr.: Legal doesn’t make it ethical in same-sex marriage

My bishop, the Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry, has said clergy in the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina will be permitted to perform same-sex marriages effective Nov. 1. Simply because something is not illegal doesn’t mean it is the ethical or moral thing to do.

I believe that homosexuality is most likely a genetically induced condition and certainly not a sin, and I have no opposition to domestic partnerships or even secular same-sex unions, but I still believe that true marriage is only between a man and a woman, as clearly stated in the Book of Common Prayer.

The recently invented term “marriage equality” is a misnomer, as it suggests a relationship that does not exist. Its proponents desire to shift the conversation away from theology, where they are on shaky ground, to the realm of civil rights, where they feel more secure.

The case is not that, as some put it, “God is doing a new thing.” God is the same from age to age. Those who wish for regularization of a heretofore unacceptable practice find it convenient to cloak their goals in religious terms, and those who wish to assist them attribute to Christ opinions of their own making.

It is people, not God, who want to do a new thing.

The Rev. Canon E.T. Malone Jr.

Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church

Scotland Neck