Letters to the Editor

Kevin Nesbitt: Question of morals

The Oct. 11 letter “ A state decision” condemning gay marriage seemed to confuse homosexuality with amorality.

What I find amoral is the hypocrisy in House Speaker Thom Tillis and his staff, who spearheaded the “Marriage Amendment.” Two of his staffers, including his chief of staff (as well as roommate), were terminated for having affairs. Three of the four individuals in the two relationships were married, just not to each other. Upon termination of their employment, both staffers were rewarded by Tillis with over $17,000 in taxpayer-funded severance. That’s amoral.

It’s also amoral, as well as intolerant, that anyone believes he has the right to impose religious views on other Americans. That’s not much different from what America condemns and is combating in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The letter-writer was right about one thing. He stated, “This is a matter for the residents of each state to decide as they see fit.” Exactly. It’s up to each resident to decide as he sees fit.

Kevin Nesbitt