Letters to the Editor

Alexander Davis: Better transportation planning first

In response to Charles Hodges’ Oct. 13 Point of View “ Sharing the ride on transportation costs”: I’d like to remind him that we’re still in the midst of a terrible recession, and the last thing the people of North Carolina need is the additional burden of higher taxes and fees for highways, not to mention turning our cars into pay-per-mile taxicabs via toll roads and other “usage-based” schemes.

Why don’t we instead root out the causes of funding malfeasance and poor planning before throwing more money at the problem? Come back to ask for more money when they’ve proven that funding and infrastructure are at maximum efficiency.

Finally, let’s drop the “fuel efficiency is robbing gas tax revenue” talking point. The majority of the cars on the roads in North Carolina are trucks and SUVs, not Priuses or Chevy Volts. Furthermore, the vehicles doing the majority of damage to the roads are large commercial trucks, which guzzle diesel fuel as always.

NC Go! should “go” back to Texas, where foreign company Centra owns the toll roads, or Oregon, where track-and-trace usage tolling is already underway. We don’t want it.

Alexander Davis