Letters to the Editor

John Erhardt: Triplett a good sport

With all the bad news emanating from sports recently, here is a piece of reassuring news. I was a marshal on the 11th hole at the SAS Championship on Oct. 10. A group, including Kirk Triplett, was on the green. Triplett was left with a short second putt.

As he was about to hit his putt, he stood up and laughed and announced that his ball had moved on his practice putt. The pros, the gallery and the marshals hadn’t seen it.

He immediately called for an official for a ruling and was assessed a penalty stroke. He could have said nothing, and no one would have noticed, but he did the right thing.

What was the upshot? He won the tournament. Honesty was rewarded.

I have played golf 50 years. This is how you play the game. Kudos to Triplett and every pro golfer who follows the rules. Good news doesn’t always get reported, but in this case it should.

John Erhardt