Letters to the Editor

Forrest Smith: The perfect GOP plan

NC Go! Executive Director Charles Hodges, in his Oct. 13 Point of View “ Sharing the ride on transportation costs,” nailed it when he wrote of Gov. Pat McCrory’s plan to strengthen our economy by upgrading the transportation system: “The bottom line: Everyone must share the burden of improving our transportation system.”

Before we question the possible hypocrisy of a change in strategy by the Republican governor toward larger government and stimulus spending, we should acknowledge the actual beneficiaries of the plan. Improved economic efficiency leads to greater productivity. Greater productivity, as has been amply demonstrated over the past four decades of stagnant wage growth, leads to more wealth for the wealthy.

So increased government spending, paid for equally by all transportees, is perfectly consistent with the Republican objective of concentrating wealth in the hands of their constituents.

Forrest Smith

Holly Springs