Letters to the Editor

Steve Groetzinger: Don’t hinder EPA

In the Oct. 7 debate, House Speaker Thom Tillis asserted that dialing back the EPA would create jobs. While it might create a few in the short run, it would guarantee long-term economic havoc.

Repeal pollution laws, and all our current employers who have invested in pollution control still have to make the payments on their existing clean water/air investments, letting polluting companies move in with no such investment to pay off.

The new polluters get to foul the water, dirty the air and enjoy a lower cost, thus giving them a competitive advantage over those who followed the law. Having a price disadvantage and no other competitive edge other than “we don’t destroy the environment,” the clean companies are eventually run out of business.

In a few years, we return to those days before President Nixon created the EPA – rivers regularly catch fire and are devoid of any life, PCBs are sprayed on roadsides, kids die of cancer and lung disease and we look like China. Horrified like the late 1960s, we must re-invest trillions of taxpayer dollars to clean up the mess that would have cost only millions of corporate dollars to prevent.

Sorry, bad economics.

Steve Groetzinger