Letters to the Editor

Caroline Monson: Will this magnet stick?

Regarding the Oct. 13 news article “ Wake magnets debated”: Are you kidding me? Here we go again? Or, my favorite, I told you! All phrases that I have used a lot since hearing about the possibility of putting magnet programs back at Broughton High School and Daniels Middle School.

Both of my children graduated from these schools, and I fought with all I had to keep the IB magnet at Broughton, where thousands of dollars had been spent to establish a program that made the school strong and balanced. However, the short-sighted school board at the time took the program from both schools, and now a new board is faced with schools that are struggling.

To those who say, as they always have, the inside the Beltline schools get all of the money and all of the programs, they don’t want a magnet program! Or at least not until a school board in Wake County stops the practice of spending time and resources to build up a school with a magnet program and then taking it away as soon as the school is strong without expecting that school to end up right back where it started. Same story, different year.

Caroline Monson