Letters to the Editor

John F. Bridgers: Ex-Nazis benefited U.S. space and science programs

Your Oct. 20 news article “ U.S. paid expelled Nazis millions in benefits” exposes how our justice department made deals with Nazi war criminals that would deport them from the U.S. and allow them to keep their Social Security benefits. This deal with ex-Nazis is another example of how a branch of our government can secretly spend taxpayer money with no public accountability or authorization by Congress.

The article does not mention a secret post-World War II program (Operation Paperclip) that brought many of Hitler’s best scientists and engineers and their families to the U.S. to work on a variety of military and space programs. Many of these Nazis had been accused of war crimes, and one had already been convicted of mass murder and slavery.

One might assume that the ex-Nazis that our government deported with Social Security benefits after the war were not the same individuals we paid to come to work for us and avoid any possible prosecution for war crimes. We now know that many of these former Nazi scientists made valuable contributions to our Cold War programs just as they had made significant contributions to Nazi Germany’s war efforts and the final solution.

John F. Bridgers