Letters to the Editor

Sara Johnson: Sneezing etiquette

Regarding the Oct. 20 Barry Saunders column “ Never mind Ebola – get a flue shot”: Barry blew it (pun intended). His message about getting a flu shot instead of worrying about catching Ebola is important. I got mine last week.

However, people should not cover their mouths (or noses) with their hands when coughing or sneezing. I cringe when I see people do this. Running right to a rest room to wash hands is not always possible, plus how many things will be touched along the way?

The Centers for Disease Control recommends coughing or sneezing into the crook of our arms or sleeves. Elementary school teachers are doing a good job imparting this hygienic information. In the middle school where I taught for 13 years, students knew to do this.

Saunders needs to try it out next time and keep the columns coming.

Sara Johnson

Chapel Hill