Letters to the Editor

Ariel Adams: Berger’s offensive move

Regarding the Oct. 22 Under the Dome item “ Berger proposes an out on gay weddings”: I am appalled by the continued actions that encourage discrimination against homosexuality and same-sex couples. The bill that Senate leader Phil Berger is introducing, which would protect jobs for those magistrates and registers of deeds who refuse to officiate at weddings, offends me.

The idea that a bill can give the power and the ability for a government employee to refuse services in the name of “religious beliefs” is irrational. With this proposed power, magistrates or registers of deeds could refuse service to anyone they have prejudice against under “religious beliefs” and be protected by the state.

Several readers have already commented how this could lead to refusal of services for interracial couples or divorcees. It could also, at an extreme, give precedence for teachers to refuse to teach certain subject matter or medical professionals to refuse treatment. I am in complete agreement.

The term “religious beliefs” leaves open an ocean of interpretation that can be abused. I, for one, don’t want to see that in our community. The differences we have make our community vibrant and a place that, increasingly, people want to live.

Ariel Adams