Letters to the Editor

Peter Aitken: Don’t like same-sex marriage? Quit the job

Regarding the Oct. 17 local news brief “ Magistrate resigns over same-sex marriage”: I can’t help but admire John Kallam Jr., the Rockingham Country magistrate who resigned rather than perform same-sex marriages, which would be against his religious beliefs. I disagree completely with his position, but at least he stood up for his convictions.

Regarding the Oct. 22 Under the Dome article “ Berger proposes an out on gay weddings”: If Senate leader Phil Berger gets his way, however, public employees who object to same-sex marriage will be off the hook. They will be able to ignore their duties and responsibilities with no consequences.

Excuse me, but if it’s their religious belief, shouldn’t they take the necessary action? If someone is unwilling to experience the slightest inconvenience or difficulty in order to live their conviction, it can’t really be much of a conviction, now can it? The moral and responsible course of action is clear – quit the job. The same goes for pharmacists and other medical workers who object to dispensing birth control. Their job, their beliefs, their responsibility.

Peter Aitken

Chapel Hill