Letters to the Editor

Ron Driver: Ebola positives

Regarding Barry Saunders’ Oct. 20 column “Never mind Ebola – get a flu shot”: The Ebola virus scare is certainly not painting a good view of our ability to respond at home when we have such issues. Yet there is a positive side to this scare.

The very over-the-top media response and the constant public information being viewed are a learning experience with possible positive outcomes. The fact that the public is being educated on the procedures for virus control may well benefit this year’s flu outbreak.

There are thousands of people who die each year from the flu, and many would never contract it by taking flu shots and practicing good, known practices that keep it from spreading.

Yes, the Ebola scare is eye-opening and frightening, and it may well bring attention to areas that should have been addressed long ago and just might lessen the effects of our yearly flu outbreak, thus saving lives.

There is always unintended consequences to this type of public scare and concern, and we may actually benefit this time in a positive way.

Ron Driver