Letters to the Editor

Richard Cramer: Pay athletes to play

Regarding the Oct. 23 news article “ Fake-class scheme aided UNC players’ eligibility”: I am disappointed that the Wainstein report seems to have focused only on the African and African-American Studies Department. There were instructors in other departments who were also known to athletic program advisers as sources of guaranteed good grades, helpful for keeping athletes academically eligible.

Given NCAA regulations requiring full-time enrollment, UNC-CH and probably every other big-time sports school will continue to have some athletes who are marginally prepared academically and who are steered to classes where high grades are given for minimum work.

In my mind, the solution would be to treat the athletes as paid professional entertainers whose academic performance was irrelevant to their athletic eligibility.

Richard Cramer

Retired, associate dean of the UNC-CH College of Arts and Sciences

Chapel Hill