Letters to the Editor

Mac Garrison: Clean up the mess

In response to Rob Christensen’s Oct. 19 column “ McCrory should be nervous”: Christensen opined that the polls show Sen. Kay Hagan slightly ahead of House Speaker Thom Tillis because the good voters of North Carolina are ticked off at the Republican legislature. He implies that the middle of the road is the only smart place to be in North Carolina politics. (Sometimes hugging the middle of the road means being afraid to take a position.)

The voters of North Carolina are too smart (I hope) to reward Hagan with another six years in the Senate. She has been one of the main enablers of the worst and most radical, Constitution-ignoring president in the history of America. It is time to send her back to Greensboro so she can spend the rest of her days counting her considerable fortune.

Our country is in a terrible mess, thanks to politicians like President Obama and Hagan. We don’t need to blow this opportunity to help turn America back to our Constitution before it is too late. Thom Tillis will help do that.

Mac Garrison

Rocky Mount