Letters to the Editor

Forrest Johnson: Zane’s political ad

Month after miserable month of relentless, tortuous and utterly uninformative political advertising on TV, radio and the Internet has left me nowhere to hide except at the breakfast table with my N&O.

Imagine my dismay when, having apparently been mistaken in expecting you to have standards for selecting pieces for the Other Opinion page, I see yet more tortuous and uninformative political advertising, this time in the form of a column by J. Peder Zane (“ Hagan’s done aplenty – just plenty bad,” Oct. 22).

I commend Zane on his thoroughness, as in just one column he repeated every negative assertion from every negative ad ever produced about Sen. Kay Hagan. The N&O, which showed little judgment and less discernment in lowering its standards to print Zane’s political advertisement and didn’t even have the common business sense to collect advertising revenue for it, deserves no commendation at all.

At least do me the small favor of not printing a similar column about House Speaker Thom Tillis. If I want political ads, I already know where to find them.

Forrest Johnson

Chapel Hill