Letters to the Editor

Michael Resnick: A true commitment

In the Oct. 14 Point of View “ Opposing gay marriage in principle,” Dr. Sanford Kessler implied the U.S. is prone to “tyranny of the majority over thought” and is concerned people may no longer consider arguments favoring marriage only between a man and woman. Fortunately, our Constitution and laws assured that in spite of oppressive majority democratic views, the outlawing of marriage between races and legalizing homophobic activities would not be tolerated.

In the past, our democratic society defined legal marriage as strictly between heterosexual adults. Our society chose viewpoints that are now scientifically proven wrong such as “children flourish best when raised by a mother and a father.” Even if there were some advantages in child-rearing, how much better and better for what?

Do we really want laws dictating the best marriage status (single, divorced, gay, straight) for child-rearing? What about people beyond procreation age where there can be no argument for strictly heterosexual marriage based on children?

Our democratic legal society got it right. Two people, regardless of gender, can be legally committed to each other and can embrace the children of that commitment with all associated benefits. Call it marriage, call it civil union and, hopefully, call it love.

Michael Resnick

Chapel Hill