Letters to the Editor

Thomas Winslow: Ill-gotten gains for UNC

The long-awaited Wainstein report into athletic and academic misconduct at UNC was finally released. The report clearly illustrates an extensive scheme whereby a great many student-athletes were passed through “paper classes” for the express intent to enhance their GPAs and keep them eligible to compete.

UNC athletic director Bubba Cunningham later stated that “no further self-penalties were planned.” Someone should let Cunningham know that when one is caught robbing a bank, he doesn’t get to keep the money. UNC has admittedly benefited from the use of athletes whose eligibility was artificially propped up.

If UNC is truly committed to restoring the integrity it claims, it needs to make this situation whole by forfeiting all games during the identified years when these athletes competed. Otherwise, UNC would be keeping the ill-gotten gains it acquired through an illegal advantage. That’s essentially stealing from the kids on those other teams who were going to real classes and doing their own work. It’s also poor form and undermines claims of integrity.

Thomas Winslow