Letters to the Editor

Charlotte T. Best: George Will’s ‘war on women’ continues

George Will’s contention in his Oct. 20 column that the “war on women” is fictitious is contradicted in the same piece by how effective Republicans are finding the labeling of Sen. Mark Udall as “Mark Uterus” because of his support of issues that are important to women. This juvenile ploy of referring to a political opponent as a female body part and his campaign as gynecological indicates to me that the so-called “war on women” has not ended.

Women are not, as Will charges, ignorant of civil processes and gains made but still have to deal with hard-wired societal prejudices and perceived innate inequality. It’s no wonder that campus rape and domestic violence are still so much in play in the lives of girls and women.

Will should stick to baseball.

Charlotte T. Best

Chapel Hill