Letters to the Editor

J. Albert Ascher: Coaching awareness

Regarding the Oct. 23 news article “ Fake-class scheme aided UNC players’ eligibility”: The outcome of Kenneth Wainstein’s investigation brings hope that the wrongs of 20 years of Carolina history will be righted. Wainstein avers that all questions were unfettered and completely answered.

However, I remain incredulous that the coaches of the period had no notion of the wrongs that were occurring. What evidence does he have that supports this conclusion? Is it merely their word? If so, that is not good enough.

If their assertions are true, I must wonder about their general awareness about the reality that surrounds them and their capacity to do a competent job of running an athletics program.

There needs to be more substantiation to support the contention that the coaches were unaware of what was so obvious to those around them. Did they know what an elephant in the room looked like when they saw one? And if so, why didn’t they kill it?

J. Albert Ascher

Chapel Hill