Letters to the Editor

Charles Houseworth: Suspend programs

I am a 1972 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and have been an ardent supporter of its athletic programs for many years. Oct. 22 was a day of deep shame for my alma mater. Many supporters who had been in denial can no longer be in light of Kenneth Wainstein’s report. The academic reputation of UNC has been severely tarnished.

I advocate the suspension of the men’s basketball program for the upcoming 2014-15 season and the football program for the 2015 season. I further advocate the self-imposement of bans from all postseason bowl and tournament activity for these programs for two to three years after the one-year suspensions.

Key administrators and athletic officials who knew of the fraud or turned a blind eye should be fired.

These are extreme measures and will hurt a lot of innocent people. Yet it is the necessary first step toward demonstrating in unmistakable terms UNC’s commitment to reestablishing its priorities and reputation.

Charles Houseworth

Wake Forest