Letters to the Editor

Jay N. Strong: Selective focus

Regarding the Oct. 23 news article “ Fake-class scheme aided UNC players’ eligibility”: While Kenneth Wainstein was critical of the football program, he praises UNC basketball coach Roy Williams.

Per the telling, after a “couple of years” Williams asked assistant coach Joe Holladay to beware of “steering.” Steered to what? What appeared to be remarkably easy courses? Basketball players in “no-show” classes peaked in 2003-04. But, they continued for years afterward! No doubt Williams was scared by investigations elsewhere; the NCAA was finally being shamed into action.

A small percentage of the “no shows” were basketball players because there are fewer of them, still they accounted of 1 in 8. If he sensed something amiss, did Williams report his concerns to higher-ups? Was his first loyalty to avoid a problem for himself or to protect the academics of the university he loves? And what about the non-Afro-American Studies “easy” courses loaded with his players? We know they existed.

Bottom line: Wainstein is somewhat selective in his focus and conclusions. Past national championships can be nullified and future sanctions leveled. Better not to bare all now. Wainstein appears to be “steering” us to buy cover for the NCAA so we believe basketball was clean, AFAM and football were not. Was this more containment or a full disclosure?

Jay N. Strong

Chapel Hill