Letters to the Editor

Susan Faircloth: Adoption reform needed

As we celebrate National Adoption Month, I would like to reaffirm the need for ongoing adoption reforms. Too often, premiums are placed on the adoption of children who represent certain racial-ethnic groups, genders, ages and (dis)abilities. This results in exorbitant costs that make it impossible for many to adopt.

I am often asked why we don’t adopt another child. One of our primary reasons is that much of our savings was spent on our adoption – nearly $40,000 within the first six months. How many individuals or families have an extra $40,000 that they can safely part with?

Although I appreciate the complexities of the adoption process, I also recognize that the complexities of this process make if difficult for many individuals to navigate both at home and at work. We were fortunate enough to have employers, family and friends who supported our desire to parent, but many across this nation do not have this support, especially at work.

My wish is that all who have the desire and willingness to lovingly parent a child or children have the right to do so, without having to make the decision to parent based primarily on monetary factors. Children deserve this too.

Susan Faircloth