Letters to the Editor

Tom Higgs: Too much cheering

I am thankful this round of elections is over. Well, for most states that is. However, I have to address something. Please stop treating this as if it is a sporting event!

I am sick and tired of people “cheering” for their “team.” Is this the Super Bowl? World Series? Stanley Cup? World Cup? No! This is the future of our town, our county, our state and our country! This is not about which “team” scores the most points. This is about our friends and our enemies. Our sick and our healthy. Our rich and our poor. Our freedoms and our restrictions. Our own general well being.

By saying and/or posting how well our “team” did or how our “team” lost by bad calls we are only fulfilling the stereotypes that our “opponent” has placed upon us. Before clicking the next hashtag or post button, stop and think about it. Be educated. Ask questions. But treat the system with the respect it deserves no matter which “team” we cheer for.

Tom Higgs

Holly Springs