Letters to the Editor

Kelli Hunnicutt: Nuclear weapon loophole

In the Nov. 1 Point of View “ Paying for priorities,” Matthew Leatherman describes a situation I was warned against as a child – that we cannot have our cake and eat it, too. Yet that is precisely what leaders in the Air Force and Navy seem to demand.

What is alarming about this is not that the Air Force and Navy are indulging in fantasy about the perceived need for weaponry without actually allocating for it in the budget, but that the weapons are part of our nuclear arsenal, which the president has set a goal to reduce.

According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, we are on track to spend $355 billion over the next 10 years on maintaining and rebuilding our nuclear arsenal. And if this number is not alarming enough, the scenario Leatherman describes, in which demands are made for a tremendous nuclear investment but without paying for it, is breathtaking.

While leaders on both sides of the aisle in Congress are firmly committed to fiscal responsibility and belt tightening, how can the Air Force and Navy be permitted to squirm around budgetary limitations when they are using our hard-earned tax dollars?

Kelli Hunnicutt

Chapel Hill