Letters to the Editor

Laurence Marks: ‘Midtown’ malaise

Regarding the Nov. 1 news article “ Kane wants option for 40-story buildings”: Developer John Kane wants to be able to build a 40-story building in North Raleigh (he calls it Midtown).

He has already pushed the boundaries and destroyed the quality of life in this neighborhood. Ask anyone who has needed 10 minutes to travel a half mile on Six Forks Road any time from November to January. Or ask the folks who circle and circle because there are zero open parking spaces in the overbuilt “annex” at the northwest corner of Lassiter Mill and Six Forks roads.

Kane has also demanded exemption from setback rules so he can build another tower right up to the sidewalk. His current building doesn’t even have a storefront or lobby. Instead it’s ugly ventilation louvers right at the sidewalk. We surely don’t need another.

The place for urban canyons is downtown, not in North Raleigh.

The Raleigh Planning and Zoning Commissions seem to have fallen over for Kane on the current projects, and the quality of life in the semi-urban neighborhood is surely reduced. Let’s hope they get some backbone and don’t let it deteriorate further.

Laurence Marks