Letters to the Editor

Sierra Moore: Give uneaten food to hungry

I am a freshman at Garner Magnet High School. Recently as I’ve been eating my lunch in the school cafeteria I have noticed that the cafeteria ladies throw away the uneaten food.

It bothers me to know that all over the world there are starving kids who can’t afford to have a meal and would be so grateful for the food we clearly now taking for granted.

We spend all of this money buying food to feed the kids who can pay for it, but what about the others who sit at the cafeteria table with nothing in their stomachs but aching pain from hunger? It breaks my heart to know that there are people hungry in the world, people who would be happy for even a slice of bread, but meanwhile our school is throwing away what it doesn’t need.

Has the school ever thought that what it doesn’t need anymore, could be someone’s first meal in weeks?

I want to help. I know I can’t feed every hungry kid in the world, but it is little things such as saving the leftover food from a school lunch that can make a big difference.

Sierra Moore