Letters to the Editor

Steve Walker: Increase term limits

Regarding the Nov. 5 column “ Why midterms must go”: Thanks to David Schanzer and Jay Sullivan on an excellent commentary, and recommendation, regarding the terms of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

I have long thought that reducing the number of federal elections would, if nothing else, limit the amount of relative time our elected officials would have to spend raising money for the next election.

The suggested changing of Senate terms to eight years, putting half the Senate up for election every federal cycle, would seem highly likely to make our government more capable of reacting more effectively in an incredibly dynamic world. And the four-year terms for the House; well that’s just brilliant. I never thought of that as a solution. I also like the recommended 24-year limit on service.

I would make one more change; give the president three terms, a 12-year total. The office of the president is currently only effective for four years; Presidents are lame ducks immediately after being reelected! That was, I think, an unintended consequence of the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, passed on the heals of FDR’s fourth election. A third term as an option would give our president an appropriately strong hand for at least two terms. Let the march to the 28th Amendment begin!

Steve Walker