Letters to the Editor

Carol J. Alverson: Sacrificing children

I appreciated Mary Carey’s Nov. 4 Point of View “ In UNC scandal, the unasked why,” but I believe that a step further back is needed and a different question needs to be asked.

Are exceptionally athletically talented children released from academic expectations due to their talent? In order for their school to attract fans and money, are the athletes shuffled through the system regardless of their academic abilities?

We do a disservice to athletes throughout their public school careers because they “might” get an athletic scholarship which “might” lead to a professional athletic contract. Considering the tiny minority that will become professional athletes, this nurturing of their athletic ability at the expense of their education is beyond appalling.

Schools should be educating. Sports are promoted as a promising career route, which is highly unlikely for the majority. Sacrificing children for monetary gain and entertainment is outrageous, and as a nation we should be ashamed for doing so.

Carol J. Alverson