Letters to the Editor

Brendan Lonehawk: Survey madness

Well, the elections are over, and I can now watch TV without being bombarded with political ads (almost all of them telling me how horrible the other candidate is).

I also thought that this would mean I would stop getting phone calls every day from surveys and political groups trying to influence my vote. But I guess I am living in a fool’s paradise.

On Nov. 5, I received no less than three calls from the Center for Causal Research in Arlington, Va., wanting to know whether I had voted for Thom Tillis or Kay Hagan. I am on the no-call list, but that doesn’t matter because politicians and poll-takers are exempt from it (which is a complaint for another day). Since the survey was being conducted by a machine instead of a person, I had no way of requesting that they not call me again.

If I were to call someone several times a day like they do, it would be considered harassment and would leave myself open to possible criminal charges. But they can do this with impunity because they are serving the desires of our political system. Can’t anything be done to stop this?

Brendan Lonehawk

Chapel Hill