Letters to the Editor

James R. Stanton: Focus on academics not athletics

Regarding the brilliant Oct. 30 Point of View “ No scholarships, no scandals”: That’s one way to handle it. Garland Tucker and his co-author made their point succinctly on how a class university should react, quickly, when sports scandals cloud education.

To add impetus to the Washington and Lee example, I suggest the board members of UNC research what many universities did following the 1950-51 college betting scandal. At least three of the universities – NYU, Long Island University, CCNY – shut down their basketball programs completely for good or for a number of seasons. And to younger readers, these schools were at the time to NCAA basketball what UNC and Duke are to it today.

How about it UNC? Is UNC really contrite and does it want to refocus the spotlight on its amazing scholastic reputation? Either or both of these steps will work. But the culture won’t change until the entire (AD down to assistant coaches) athletic department is purged – now.

James R. Stanton

Pine Knoll Shores