Letters to the Editor

Shannon Bryant: Liberal overreaction

Regarding the Nov. 6 letter “ Theocracy near”: First, just because someone with beliefs different from the letter-writer was elected doesn’t mean we are on our way to being a theocracy.

Second, the letter was full of typical liberal hypocrisy. Conservative Christians today are just about the only group that the liberal “coexist” bumper sticker doesn’t apply to. If Christians live according to their beliefs, liberals are always offended. Liberals certainly don’t practice the tolerance they preach if that means tolerating someone who doesn’t think and do exactly how they want. Liberals don’t even want the reminder that there are people with different beliefs living among them.

Third, they should look into history every once in a while to be reminded who used the Bible to justify such things as slavery – assuming they can find a book of actual history rather than one rewritten to fit the liberal world view.

Shannon Bryant