Letters to the Editor

Rosalind L. Heiko: Teachers must consult to solve bad behavior

I wrote years ago to protest John Rosemond’s poor advice on toilet-training a 2-year-old, and I write again in protest of his Oct. 21 Parenting column “ Policy ties teacher’s hands,” stating that he has no suggestions for a teacher “that I’d put any faith in” if she can’t use negative consequences.

He is behind the times when he stated that “a teacher cannot be expected to get a child’s behavior under control without full cooperation from the parents (without which) she will start every day at pretty much square one.”

As a psychologist with over 30 years of experience and with a school psychology certification, I know there are plenty of resources a teacher can use in consultation: the school psychologist, the guidance counselor, the principal and vice principal. Working with a child with behavioral difficulties requires a team approach, and that works for the most part.

We have to believe that when we put in our best efforts, little by little, so will the child. Too often, taking away privileges, restrictions and negativity breed more negative behaviors. Get a master teacher or principal’s help; don’t give up on a child. They’re worth the investment.

Rosalind L. Heiko