Letters to the Editor

Gina Kentopp: Help on the way for transgender students

Regarding the Nov. 10 news article “ Wake aims to help transgendered”: As the parent of a transgender male I was thrilled to see the article that Wake County is seeking to help its transgender students.

Our child started his transition while still in high school, and while the school and particularly his guidance counselor were very supportive, we had to figure things out as we went along; there was not a standard policy for the school to follow.

I appreciate The N&O’s including a glossary of terms for people to understand but have to admit I cringed when I saw the word “transgendered” used. Being transgender is not something that happens to someone – it’s who they are.

Crystal Reardon brought up a common misunderstanding when she said, “We want them to feel comfortable about their sexual identity.” This has nothing to do with sexual orientation – only the gender that people feel in their hearts and spirits that they are.

I am proud of Wake County and The N&O because anytime people discuss this it brings up fear among the uneducated, and ignorant things are said. I am hopeful that Wake County transgender students will have a safe place to be where they can learn and grow.

Gina Kentopp

Wake Forest