Letters to the Editor

Linda Medure: ‘Too complicated’ for fracking tanks?

Regarding the Nov. 7 news article “ Review of fracking safety rules begins”: The article reported there were about 2,400 comments requesting “to ban the storage of fracking fluids, which contain industrial chemicals, in outdoor open pits.”

Several of the MEC commissioners, while reviewing fracking safety rules, agreed “that above-ground tanks are safer than in-ground pits, but other commissioners warned that this rule would be too complicated to change at this late stage.” Open pits with toxic chemicals could cause another coal-ash type disaster just like the incident in February. “Commissioner Amy Pickle warned that open-air pits have a history of leakage, overflowing and failure.”

The MEC was commissioned to provide the public with safe fracking rules. Being “too complicated” is not a valid reason for endangering the health of the public. The change to storage tanks should be done before the pits are dug, while it is still only a word change. Why is it be “too complicated” to change the words “storage pit” to “storage tank” before the pits are dug?

Linda Medure