Letters to the Editor

Michael Barritt: Irreconcilable GOP

Regarding the Nov. 8 news article “How GOP can get to magic 60 votes, send bills to Obama”: I do not understand Republican opposition to the Affordable Care Act. It is based on the principles of the market, which conservatives embrace. Everyone requires health care, either now or sometime during their lifetime. The simple matter of us being alive means we participate in the health care market and, as such, should we not be responsible for our health care expenses? Otherwise, the rest of us pay for our health care.

This is a fundamental principle of the ACA. Yet, a large number of people do not want to be mandated either to carry health insurance or pay a fee to reimburse the rest of us for the health care costs that, someday, they will incur. Instead, they want the freedom to choose that others should bear the burden for their health care. Sorry, but I cannot reconcile their opposition.

Michael Barritt