Letters to the Editor

Richard A. Basile: Make Veterans-Election Day a national holiday

Three cheers to the writer of the Nov. 11 letter “ Join the two.” I recently read that Bernie Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, plans to offer a bill to make Election Day a federal holiday. I thought that was fitting.

The letter, however, was brilliantly written and spoke of an even bigger idea: Honor our veterans with a combined Veterans-Election Day national holiday. I would be honored to join this cause and help with a movement to honor veterans who have sacrificed all to defend the American ideal of one person, one vote.

I served in Vietnam and thank the writer for sharing such an inspired letter. In this political climate of division, surely this simple but powerful idea can bring all Americans together.

I can imagine casting my vote, proudly affixing my “I voted” sticker to my lapel, and going to the veterans parade and service, knowing my vote has honored those whose sacrifice allowed me such a privilege. When do we start our movement?

Richard A. Basile