Letters to the Editor

David Crump: Rebuild, rethink, retool Democratic Party

The headline to the Nov. 9 news article “ For Democrats, time to rebuild” should have said “time to rethink.”

The Democratic Party has morphed from the party that wanted safe factories to one that doesn’t want factories at all because of “environmental concerns.”

The Democrat used to be the guy who owned the hardware store in town and was exemplary because he paid his employees more, not because the government made him do it, but because he thought it was the right thing to do. Now, Democratic leaders are Harvard and Princeton elites who have never run a thing in their lives but sure know how we should run our lives.

The main issues of the Democratic Party are trivial. An ad for Kay Hagan touted Thom Tillis’ record on women as “horrifying” because of what? He opposed “free” birth control?

The real unemployment rate is high. Every time it “goes down” is when more people quit looking for work altogether, and after the election the grand poobah of the Democratic Party comes out and asks what the winning party is going to do to “compromise.” Good luck with that.

David Crump