Letters to the Editor

James Gulick: Probing issues

The Nov. 6 Under the Dome item “ 2016 fundraising, criticism has begun” reported that N.C. GOP Chairman Claude Pope criticized Attorney General Roy Cooper for failing immediately to investigate after well-known agent provocateur James O’Keefe released a video purporting to show campaign workers encouraging a pretend illegal immigrant to vote. The video I watched online was clearly staged, highly edited and of dubious import.

However, more significantly, the GOP chairman has apparently forgotten that the GOP legislature in August moved the the state’s criminal investigative arm, the SBI, from the Justice Department headed by Cooper to the Department of Public Safety, controlled by Gov. Pat McCrory’s appointee. Perhaps Pope’s criticism would best be directed to the governor.

While they are at it, why doesn’t the governor have the SBI investigate the circumstances under which Americans for Prosperity this fall sent three separate mailings addressed to my father, who died in January 2012 at the age of 87, suggesting that he register to vote and containing a blank registration form?

James Gulick