Letters to the Editor

Bonnie Ferguson: Be the political solution

My thanks to the writer of the Nov. 8 letter “ Too much cheering” for articulating so well the view I have long held: Elections should not be viewed as an us-or-them win-lose proposition.

Whoever is elected is sent there to serve all of us, whatever “team” we are on. This concept seems to elude the current Congress. The polarization gets worse instead of better. The gap between the haves and have-nots gets wider instead of narrower. That serves no one well.

It is not how many of one team are in the House or Senate, but how much gets done! If they are not accomplishing anything, why should it matter which side they are on? It is hardly a “win” when the score is 0-0, in terms of progress toward resolving the key issues facing us.

Continuing to hurl insults at someone we may not have helped elect reflects more on us than the person in office. No team has all the right answers or the voters wouldn’t seesaw between them from election to election.

If we want to be part of the solution, the first step is to stop being part of the problem. Then maybe we can spend $100 million on anything more worthwhile than senatorial candidates fighting each other to win election.

Bonnie Ferguson, Raleigh