Letters to the Editor

Jeff Kite: Tone deaf on UNC

The N&O’s ongoing investigation into the UNC athletic scandal has been enlightening. If anything good can come of this disgraceful chapter in the university’s history, perhaps it will be a re-evaluation of the culture that privileges high-stakes, big-money athletics over academics in many top universities.

I have little hope, though, when on the same day that The N&O devotes further front-page coverage to this story with “2005 champs: 2 semesters, 35 bogus ‘paper’ classes,” the Sports section offers, “Welcome to Mount Win More,” which sensationalizes the successes of ACC basketball coaches.

Either The N&O is simply tone deaf to the discordance within its pages or it is complicit in promoting the same backward priorities it professes to expose. It’s an easy trap in which to fall (as I write this letter clad in my favorite UNC basketball sweatshirt).

Jeff Kite, Raleigh