Letters to the Editor

Benny Dean: Only winning matters

Regarding the Nov. 12 Point of View “ What athletic scandal?”: Thanks to Michael Jacobs for the truth! Every athletic fan out there couldn’t care less if the star players go to class. Win, win, win, that’s what is important to schools, communities, countries. Big-time prestige, money ... plain and simple.

The use of athletes has occurred forever. The Greek gods fed gladiators to the lions for entertainment for the kingdom just as powerhouse NCAA teams entertain their alumni in order to reap millions.

The big criers against UNC are those ACC schools that have poor winning percentages, and this gives them another excuse for losing. When their teams are winning, we can be assured those fans couldn’t care less about paper classes.

My big question: If the mighty NCAA strips the 2005 NCAA basketball championship from UNC, will UNC strip the “nonathletes” who took the classes from their degrees?

Benny Dean

Wake Forest