Letters to the Editor

James R. Stanton: Action ahead

There were two brilliant columns on your Nov. 7 Other Opinion page: “ Seize the day, control the agenda” by the insightful conservative, Charles Krauthammer, and “ What Dems should do” by an insightful liberal, Harold Meyerson. Reading both of these columns proves that the sum is truly greater than the parts, at least more enlightening.

Krauthammer wisely laid out a positive approach to Republicans to sanely move America ahead on popular issues and warned that impeachment talk is reckless and counter-productive. His “bill a month” out of Congress reinforced what Sen. Mitch McConnell also seems to be committed to doing.

Meyerson critiqued the catastrophic (his words) losses of the Democrats. He rambled a bit, spouted some rhetoric and then closed with a sentence right out of Karl Marx’s best writings: “They (Democrats) need to go where they haven’t before – increasing workers’ power and incomes within corporations.”

I would like to believe that the Nov. 4 vote indicated that here-to-fore sleeping Americans have awakened and are finally staying “no” to President Obama’s, Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s dash into socialism.

Now, it’s up to senators on both sides of the aisle to “play nice.”

James R. Stanton

Pine Knoll Shores