Letters to the Editor

Denise Bricker: What’s ‘traditional’ marriage?

I’ve read all the anguish expressed over gay marriage destroying “traditional marriage,” which made me wonder: Could someone explain to me which traditional marriage is being destroyed?

We have the one where children as young as 14 were married off or the one where a woman could be sold into wedlock. The one where the woman became the property of her husband? How about when the father could force the daughter into whatever marriage benefited him the most? The biblical tradition of multiple wives maybe? Maybe the tradition of where a woman had to marry her rapist? The one where the man could marry his slaves?

It seems that the biblical view of marriage is one man and as many wives, concubines and sex slaves (of either sex and any age) as he can afford.

While I freely admit I do not understand the attraction between same-sex couples, I also freely admit that I don’t understand the attraction between many opposite sex couples. It doesn’t mean I’m going to judge them or deny them legal protection. What people forget is that marriage is a legal rite; religious ceremonies are optional and mean nothing legally.

Denise Bricker